27 October 2010

Babap Boi #1

Finally, the long awaited comic has come on the market.Only RM6.90 out of your pocket, and enjoy this comic.Head on to here to preview and review!

Special preview for you guys!

22 September 2010

Inking Demo using HP 2710p

Just a character from my latest comic for Komik-M.
(sorry for the poor video quality)

Here's the inked character.

19 September 2010

Another W.I.P..

15 pages comic for PTS Komik-M.
All sketches and inking is done on my HP 2710p tablet PC.

21 August 2010

Hp Tablet PC stylus combined with rubber grip taken from Pilot pen.

Using the pen that comes with the tablet is quite uncomfortable.The size of the pen is so small.(at least for my big hands).But the pen itself is quite good.The pressure detection is smooth too.I wish the pen have the rubber grip like my Intous3 pen.
Most of tablet PC pen are compatible with the pen from WACOM yesteryears technology tablets,such as Artpad or Artz series.Pens from the early Cintiq(15sx,17sx,18sx) model also are using the same technology,which makes it also compatible.
However the pens from the Graphire,Intous,Cintiq or Bamboo series are not compatible with todays TabletPC.
This makes it very hard for me to get any replacement pen for my tablet PC.Better replacement I mean.I can always get the stock pen from HP if my pen happen to be missing.
Yesterday,with such creativity,i've done a little modification on my pen.I put the rubber grip from my old Pilot pen and put it on my HP pen.It fit perfectly.
The results was remarkable.I can move the pen freely without the pen slip or losing any pen pressure.

09 August 2010

HP 2710p


  • Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor U7600 1.2 GHz
  • 12.1" Illumi-Lite, WXGA UWVA, anti-glare with WACOM Digitizer
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset
  • 80GB hard drive
  • 2GB RAM
  • Intel HSDPA Broadband Wireless Network adapter
  • Intel 802.11a/b/g
  • Blue tooth 2.0
  • SD slot
  • 1.11 inches thin
  • Weight: 1.7kg

Why am I posting this?

31 July 2010

Lawak Kecoh,Raya and Puasa Version.

Puasa is just around the corner..
Then Raya..
Maybe I can make your Puasa much more energetic by moving more of your funny bones!

ON KECOH to 28444 (celcom users)
ON LK to 23238 (maxis users)]

Independence Day - My Way,The Comic Way.

I'm not quite sure about that title.
This 31st August,us Malaysian will be celebrating our 53rd Independence Day Celebration.PTS Komik-M will be publishing their "Aku Kau dan Merdeka" comic book.Thanks to Wanzu for giving me the chance to contribute on this comic.Be sure to grab this comic!
This is the 1st page of mine.
In case you wonder,the guy in this page is Wanzu,Komik-M editor.(he's the one who force me to draw his Gen2 car.)
I hate him.

12 July 2010

Hi.I haven't got much to brag about lately..

Screenshot of another 10 page comic in progress..
if you click on these images,you can see the first pic is dated in May,and the second one is dated on July.This only proves how slow i am.Darn it.

23 May 2010

To be published - 'Komik-M Raya #2' and 'Baju Raya Dari Syurga'.

Be sure to grab these comics before enjoying your lemangs and ketupats!yay!!
Cover of 'Komik-M Raya #2'.
A Page of my comic in Komik-M Raya #2

Cover of 'Baju Raya Dari Syurga.'
A Page of my comic in 'Baju Raya Dari Syurga'.
(cover taken from http://pts.com.my/)

19 May 2010

Soccer Fever!

I've never in my life having this kind of fever before,as i'm not a big soccer fan.
But this year,doctor has confirmed that this kind of illness has already made its way through my body veins,even before World Cup next month!
All because of my brand new,soccer kicking MMS comics!!
People,behold -

send SS to 23268 (Maxis)
send MSS to 2000 (DiGi)

 As for now,only Maxis and DiGi user can subscribe this comic.But in a short while,Celcom  users can follow this comic too.. ^_^
Here's a screenshot of the comics,but i've pull out the dialogues.(hehe)

Nice is it?well,what are you waiting for guys??!!

And by the way,LAWAK KECOH -Indonesian version is already online for subscription.
Just send NLK to 2000
exclusively for DiGi customer only.

01 April 2010

"Lawak Kecoh" MMS Comic will be translated in Bahasa Indonesia.Hosha!!

(3 of 6 comic panels taken from Lawak Kecoh 01 Indonesia Edition.click to enlarge)

For those of you who are "Cowok" or "Cewek" (guys and girls in Indonesian),within weeks you all can enjoy my MMS comic - LAWAK KECOH in your mama's languange!!Keren!!!!

The tranlation will be made by M-Mode staff in Indonesia (currently),which i heard will be residing in KL after this to translate all the MMS comics by M-Mode and other mobile contents.

Looks like even though Malaysia Gov is having these problems with some of those Indonesian immigrants,here i am still making profit out of them.Hehe!
Hopefully they will enjoy LAWAK KECOH!

By the way,LAWAK KECOH INDONESIAN EDITION will be available for DIGI cuctomers in Malaysia,and hopefully this comic will be practically imported to Indonesia for bigger market exposure,so they said.

12 March 2010

New kid on the block.

With such inner determination and physical endurance,i have come to finish my project BB!
Yosshhaa!!There is some few more addition to fit in,but overall is finished..
Guys,wait for few more week for the official announcement!!Chow!!!

24 February 2010

Hi all..
Busy month for me now.
No break for at least 2 more weeks.All efforts for 'Project BB'.
err..bye again!(duhh..)

28 January 2010

Re-format! duh..

My Windows 7 (evaluation) will expiry in one month.I need to re-format within that period.
(But my real plan was to do that 3months ago.)
For me,this the best OS ever.
Mac OSX?Used it and dumped it.

This is somewhat an ugly workstation of mine.
I also eat my lunch on that very table,everyday.

26 January 2010

Gotta catch them all!!!

This is the rarest Pokemon of them all.

Yesterday i had a chance talking to my buddy,she tell me about her encounter with this little being.It was a frog that so thin,looks like a piece of paper!
I thought it was a papercraft like this-

Of course I ddnt believe that kind of frog exists.But she take the effort to Google for its picture.
And suprisingly,that 'paper frog' did exist!!
(warning-mature content)hahaha..

I'm freaking sure this dude can't jump!

But i did not get the name of this species.

For now i call it "Jonferog".
A tribute to my dear friend,Joner Blaque.

(I have a thing with this whole frog stuffs,
don't ask why I bother writing this entry.)

18 January 2010

The Little Guy

No new artwork.Just my adventurous little baby boy.
Notice the spoon?It's for digging valuable ancient stuffs or something.

08 January 2010

Let me see..

Nothing to see actually..haha..just posting for the sake of updating..

Ah,yes.There are people asking what is the main software i use to do all my works.
I used Manga Studio for sketching,inking and toning my comics.Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai for color rendering.

04 January 2010

Over Exaggerating Facial Expression

It is not an easy task to Over Exaggerating facial.You can see a lot Over Exaggerating on facial expression in Japanese gag manga.For someone to do this requires a lot of research.For my Project BB, i'm am trying to achive this skill.I think i will master this skill in 2-3 year..deym.

01 January 2010

Last post for the New Year 2009

Few hours to 2010.Celebrating my new year in my room,doing comic pages.
Listening to Jacko songs.