07 March 2015

Surface Pro 3 Pen Battery Replacement

If you are like me, using a Surface Pro 3, chances are you will be having trouble finding the replacement battery for your pen/stylus. In fact, same goes if you are using any stylus with N-Trig tech (sony vaio, fujitsu and so on).
The pen.

I know the trick of getting few of those AAAA battery. But never have tried it.

Buy a 9v battery, pry it open and get those AAAA's!

Sadly, this wasn't the case for me. Or at least for any of you, if you're living in Malaysia. It seems that our Duracell and Energizer are not the same as pictured above. 

The cells inside on our 9volts.

Soon after, I end up buying 4 pieces on ebay for USD5.00. And regretting it few days later (today).

There are many Daiso outlets in Malaysia. Buy their 9volts. 
"Daiso & S" brand.
Its RM5.00, or USD1.50 more or less.

I guess since it was exported from Japan, it should by some chance using different battery standard than Malaysia.

Few seconds after using some of my ninja skills.
And yes, there they are. The effin 4As.

Although they are not the same length, I tested on the stylus and it worked fine.

So there you go, if you're happen to use SP3, and in need of those 4A's, try to get those 9volts battery from Daiso. 6 AAAA battery for the price of RM5.00, is cheap!


17 February 2015

Ini ialah testing..

..testing post guna henpon. Hahaha jakun ni haa.. jangan la buat muka camtuuu..

Yang ni foto baby girl aku. Yaya.

14 January 2015

Budak Kombo

Sikit masa lagi komik terbaru saya, "Budak Kombo" akan diterbitkan. Sebelum komik tu siap dicetak, kita cekidout dulu sketches dan inking untuk cover komik ni. hehehe!
Sketches untuk cover. Boss dan editor akan pilih salah satu.

Kemudian saya inking cover yang terpilih ke peringkat semi-final.

Yang ni work in progress. Color oleh editor Komik-M, Pakcik Jimi. 
Untuk Cover final, kita tungguuuuuu.... :D

05 January 2015

Klik gambar untuk resolusi tinggi macam iPad air

Fla la laa.. fla lala... (muka tak bersalah sebab dah lama tak update)

Dah start tahun baru, baru la rasa semangat sikit nak update blog. Alah ramai blogger macam aku. Aku tau. hehehe.. :D

Kat atas ni line-up karekter2 untuk komik terbaru aku. Haaa best kan? Lucu kan? (takkkk)
Haa kang aku update balik okehh

30 December 2012

Persediaan ke tahun 2013

Ini adalah entry pertama untuk tahun 2012. Syabas.
Kalau orang tanya 'kenapa baru nak post sekarang?' Aku akan jawab ' hidup ini umpama roda..'Tu je. Haha!

Persediaan untuk tahun 2013.Hmmm..Persediaan ya? Hmmmm.. Persediaan...hmmmm....
Baik mari ke topik seterusnya. Tahun depan tu, tahun depan punya cerita.
Jom baca komik aku paling latest, dan mungkin yang paling last untuk tahun 2012. Klik sahaja bawah ni.

Promise-to-us  (e-comics isu #28)

p/s - jangan baca ketika sedang dalam jamban. Tahulah korang ada henpon pintar.

19 February 2011

"Loving The Alien (Sometimes)"

Hey.How are you doing these month?Haha..Yeah,its been months since my last post.Just so you know that i am still alive and breathing.
However,these couple of days has been really tough. I mean it.Real tough.I always thought that i know what to do when i need to do something.But this time i dont.Sure some of you can relate to that.
But hey,i'm gonna keep this thing inside.
Don't worry,Froggy's will be Froggy's,no matter what.Oh yeah,since i'm in this melancholy mood and all,come and listen to this song with me.Great stuff by Velvet Revolver.

"Loving The Alien (Sometimes)"

Sometimes I think I'm scared
Sometimes I know
I feel like making love
Sometimes I don't
I feel like letting go
Maybe not
I feel like giving up
Is all we got

Sometimes is all the time
And never means maybe
Sometimes is all the time

And I'm moving on
And I'm moving on (Sometimes I feel alone)
And I'm moving on
And I'm moving on

Sometimes I make believe
When we're alone
Machines have taken hold
Can you get me to a telephone
It's just the little things
You used to see
Am I still that man who makes you who you want to be

I never noticed
How lovely were the aliens
Lovely were the aliens
I never noticed
Lovely were the aliens
Lovely were the aliens

27 October 2010

Babap Boi #1

Finally, the long awaited comic has come on the market.Only RM6.90 out of your pocket, and enjoy this comic.Head on to here to preview and review!

Special preview for you guys!