07 October 2008

For the Love Of God!!!Where the heck have i been???

My God,where have i'v been?Dunno la..maybe i was really busy with my personal life that i dont wanna share here.(but whats the point of blogging if i dun wanna share??huh?)
Ah,who cares anyway,its not that my blog got 1o ooo hits per day..hahaha..(silly me..)

Thanks for some people who cares(pergh.com members) and ask why i ddnt update this blog..i will try to update as frequent as possible..U guys rocks our local comic/illustrations scene!!!Support Malaysian!!!!

This few weeks i've been looking at somes T-shirts webs such as Threadless and Designbyhumans..i think there is a chance we can take there.some of our fellow Malaysian had their work printed on tee and made some big money..i wonder if i can do some designs and submits there..will try do some tests..

Hmmmmm...Also I wanna take advantage of this festive season (Aidilfitri) to say sorry for what i've been for u guys..espeacially people who knows me personally..Sorry for the practical jokes or my bad verbal jokes i've said and done..nothing personal ok..really la,i'm a good guy..haha..

Last but not least,fyi,it has been a week after my first child is born..so i'm officially a papa now..Only God knows how happy i am after he is born..Papa and mama loves you Boboy..

Have a look at some of my jobs and my sons cute face..chow!

Monsters of the Dark..


Robot Wars Storyboard WIP..

Dino Dress up Game

A Guy who looks like a chump..


Looks kinda angry guy.

Chefs bad dream..

Eagle head

My boy!!!! Afiq Farhan..

06 July 2008

Its Already the 2 Half of the Year.

Woah!It's been nearly a month after i post in here..hehe..i've been pretty busy wit my jobs..thank God,finally it has been done..now i can relax a bit..
I just make my life much more connected to the world by getting myself a Broadband connection!Yes,now i can do my job transfers right at home(before this i was using my office connection),after i finish it.And hopefully i can manage my time between working hours at home and surfing webs at home!because this damn this new broadband connection is addictive!!I havent draw anythng for at least 3-4 days at home actually..argh..
Well..i thought i should post some of my new artworks since last month..hahha..

09 June 2008

The Energy Within.

Monday again.Last weekend i was searching for the 'energy'.The enery that always pushes me to do all my jobs.I don't think its the calories that i'm lacking of..But still I am being more sluggish than before..i've been taking so much time to do one job,which takes much less time before.Am i getting old?Or am i being comfortable on where i am?Maybe.Time to think Froggy.Its not what i want for myself,but its what can i do for myself..Yeah,I can do better than this..

Aang revamped.

04 June 2008

What I've been doing with my time??!!

Yesterday Shem emailed me.He is the person i refer to for the job his company gaves me.He asked for some details about me..name and numbers..But I am so dead.I still got halfway to go with the job,and already passed the dateline a week ago..Its just a schoolbook job but its a really thick textbook..Damn,when i look at the script he gave me,i keep asking myself when am i gonna finish this thing?I asked for some extra time from him,and luckily he doesnt seem to be so stressed by it..Thank God.
I've finished the inking for the Garuda..Looks nice for me.Hope you enjoy my style..Now I'm looking for some reference for coloring part..i'l be doing this tonight think...(sigh,you have Shem's jobs to finish la froggy!!) huhuhuhu....

Garuda is hungry!!

03 June 2008

Back to Kampung - Peace of mind..

..but not the body.Last 3 days were so very quiet at my wife's hometown,Kota Gelanggi 3,Jerantut,Pahang.There are nothing for me to to.I feel like caged in a cell.The cellphone doesnt work here,(except if i walk outside for about 50 metres away),internet access?dream on son.I have so much time compared when i was in KL.Damn,i wish i have a laptop..at least i can play some games.I wanted to draw but my family will stand behind me and make sound like.. "woa..like that..","so cute.."look how he do it.." Argh..I.Can't.Concerntrate.
Last night i got back to KL and take some time in front of the monitor,inking the Garuda a little bit.

My in-laws house

Garuda - updated.Still not done.

30 May 2008

Doodles of Garuda

Garuda(wiki) is very popular ancient God in Asia..My friend,Ai was sketching this creature yesterday and just like to draw one myself..maybe i'l finish this one later next week..hmm..this week i've been buzy at home..doing my freelance job,the children book,which is already past due..damn..

29 May 2008

Superman Mini Inking Video..

..and this time its in fast motion brother!

check out this video friends..i like it in fast motion..the real time is about 30mins but i made it fast to fit on youtube.

Superman Mini Inked!

Yep,I finished this this morning..next step is the colouring part..maybe tonight or the next morning..But if u are interested on how i made this inking,wait for the video..I'm converting the video right now..And please drop some comment if you like it!Adios!!

28 May 2008

Superman mini sketch screencast

Uploaded on Youtube.My 1st screencast testing..This the 1 part of 2..

And the 2nd part of the screencast..testing screencast seems to be going pretty well,tonight i will do the inking for this superman..see ya again!

Superman mini

Sketches i made last night.For your infomation,i'm using the software 'Manga Studio 3 EX' for all my artline works.And mayb then i coloured it with Photoshop..The reason i made this out is just i'm trying to make a screencast for this blog..wait awhile as i am uploading this superman screencast..