26 September 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

It's been 2 days since i got back from 'kampung'..it is a very tiring annual occasion..
guess i just drop some few lines here since i'm quite free now.(actually there's a couple of editor's screaming in my emails regarding some work).Demm. T_T
I am not that free!

Here is picture of my family,during the raya visiting.I really love this picture.All of us is smiling,haha..very hard to get Boboi to smile when taking pictures.

See ya next week.
p/s-currently,10 days after official launching,there is almost 2000 people already subscribing my RAYA MMS Comics.Thank you so much.I hope you all enjoy my work.
And thank you for all the people who has been a 'Followers' to my blog.

12 September 2009

Subscribe to my weekly MMS Comics!!

Yes!My MMS Comics is already launched.People can now subscribe to enjoy it.

loka Raya
For Celcom User
Keyword: SR / M3
Send to 28444
Frequency: 2 MMS / week

MMS Seloka Raya
For Maxis User
Keyword: SR
Send to 23238
Frequency: 2 MMS / week

MMS Seloka Raya
For Celcom User
Keyword: KECOH
Send to *under maintainance*
Frequency: 2 MMS / week

All comics is in Malay language.

11 September 2009

MMS Comic.

Comic is everywhere.It could be seen anywhere.The traditional way to read them is to buy it at any bookstore.
As generations is getting pretty much 'all-digital' life these days,the medium for delivering comic also has change.People are now more into the e-comics or e-books method.

As we know, now mobile phones has been a gadget which every living person must have in everyday life.Thousands of people everyday downloading their media through their mobiles.From weather,news,music and even live video feeds.

This is where M-Mode Sdn Bhd and me made our move.I will be doing comics with this company.And it is exclusively for mobile phones.Practically every mobile phones that have the MMS capability can enjoy this product.With a little cost,of course.

People in Malaysia(only) can read these comics by subscribing and will be given 2 MMS Comics per-week.There are variety of comics to be choose from.From funny comics,love stories and even horror comics.All made by the talented Malaysian comic artists.

I will give you updates about this thing later tomorrow.

03 September 2009

Everyday is a holiday.

Garo-chan always dream of flying.But he always end up stucked in his room,playing video games.
But he will keep on dreaming.