23 May 2010

To be published - 'Komik-M Raya #2' and 'Baju Raya Dari Syurga'.

Be sure to grab these comics before enjoying your lemangs and ketupats!yay!!
Cover of 'Komik-M Raya #2'.
A Page of my comic in Komik-M Raya #2

Cover of 'Baju Raya Dari Syurga.'
A Page of my comic in 'Baju Raya Dari Syurga'.
(cover taken from http://pts.com.my/)

19 May 2010

Soccer Fever!

I've never in my life having this kind of fever before,as i'm not a big soccer fan.
But this year,doctor has confirmed that this kind of illness has already made its way through my body veins,even before World Cup next month!
All because of my brand new,soccer kicking MMS comics!!
People,behold -

send SS to 23268 (Maxis)
send MSS to 2000 (DiGi)

 As for now,only Maxis and DiGi user can subscribe this comic.But in a short while,Celcom  users can follow this comic too.. ^_^
Here's a screenshot of the comics,but i've pull out the dialogues.(hehe)

Nice is it?well,what are you waiting for guys??!!

And by the way,LAWAK KECOH -Indonesian version is already online for subscription.
Just send NLK to 2000
exclusively for DiGi customer only.