01 April 2010

"Lawak Kecoh" MMS Comic will be translated in Bahasa Indonesia.Hosha!!

(3 of 6 comic panels taken from Lawak Kecoh 01 Indonesia Edition.click to enlarge)

For those of you who are "Cowok" or "Cewek" (guys and girls in Indonesian),within weeks you all can enjoy my MMS comic - LAWAK KECOH in your mama's languange!!Keren!!!!

The tranlation will be made by M-Mode staff in Indonesia (currently),which i heard will be residing in KL after this to translate all the MMS comics by M-Mode and other mobile contents.

Looks like even though Malaysia Gov is having these problems with some of those Indonesian immigrants,here i am still making profit out of them.Hehe!
Hopefully they will enjoy LAWAK KECOH!

By the way,LAWAK KECOH INDONESIAN EDITION will be available for DIGI cuctomers in Malaysia,and hopefully this comic will be practically imported to Indonesia for bigger market exposure,so they said.