09 June 2008

The Energy Within.

Monday again.Last weekend i was searching for the 'energy'.The enery that always pushes me to do all my jobs.I don't think its the calories that i'm lacking of..But still I am being more sluggish than before..i've been taking so much time to do one job,which takes much less time before.Am i getting old?Or am i being comfortable on where i am?Maybe.Time to think Froggy.Its not what i want for myself,but its what can i do for myself..Yeah,I can do better than this..

Aang revamped.

04 June 2008

What I've been doing with my time??!!

Yesterday Shem emailed me.He is the person i refer to for the job his company gaves me.He asked for some details about me..name and numbers..But I am so dead.I still got halfway to go with the job,and already passed the dateline a week ago..Its just a schoolbook job but its a really thick textbook..Damn,when i look at the script he gave me,i keep asking myself when am i gonna finish this thing?I asked for some extra time from him,and luckily he doesnt seem to be so stressed by it..Thank God.
I've finished the inking for the Garuda..Looks nice for me.Hope you enjoy my style..Now I'm looking for some reference for coloring part..i'l be doing this tonight think...(sigh,you have Shem's jobs to finish la froggy!!) huhuhuhu....

Garuda is hungry!!

03 June 2008

Back to Kampung - Peace of mind..

..but not the body.Last 3 days were so very quiet at my wife's hometown,Kota Gelanggi 3,Jerantut,Pahang.There are nothing for me to to.I feel like caged in a cell.The cellphone doesnt work here,(except if i walk outside for about 50 metres away),internet access?dream on son.I have so much time compared when i was in KL.Damn,i wish i have a laptop..at least i can play some games.I wanted to draw but my family will stand behind me and make sound like.. "woa..like that..","so cute.."look how he do it.." Argh..I.Can't.Concerntrate.
Last night i got back to KL and take some time in front of the monitor,inking the Garuda a little bit.

My in-laws house

Garuda - updated.Still not done.