07 October 2008

For the Love Of God!!!Where the heck have i been???

My God,where have i'v been?Dunno la..maybe i was really busy with my personal life that i dont wanna share here.(but whats the point of blogging if i dun wanna share??huh?)
Ah,who cares anyway,its not that my blog got 1o ooo hits per day..hahaha..(silly me..)

Thanks for some people who cares(pergh.com members) and ask why i ddnt update this blog..i will try to update as frequent as possible..U guys rocks our local comic/illustrations scene!!!Support Malaysian!!!!

This few weeks i've been looking at somes T-shirts webs such as Threadless and Designbyhumans..i think there is a chance we can take there.some of our fellow Malaysian had their work printed on tee and made some big money..i wonder if i can do some designs and submits there..will try do some tests..

Hmmmmm...Also I wanna take advantage of this festive season (Aidilfitri) to say sorry for what i've been for u guys..espeacially people who knows me personally..Sorry for the practical jokes or my bad verbal jokes i've said and done..nothing personal ok..really la,i'm a good guy..haha..

Last but not least,fyi,it has been a week after my first child is born..so i'm officially a papa now..Only God knows how happy i am after he is born..Papa and mama loves you Boboy..

Have a look at some of my jobs and my sons cute face..chow!

Monsters of the Dark..


Robot Wars Storyboard WIP..

Dino Dress up Game

A Guy who looks like a chump..


Looks kinda angry guy.

Chefs bad dream..

Eagle head

My boy!!!! Afiq Farhan..