28 January 2010

Re-format! duh..

My Windows 7 (evaluation) will expiry in one month.I need to re-format within that period.
(But my real plan was to do that 3months ago.)
For me,this the best OS ever.
Mac OSX?Used it and dumped it.

This is somewhat an ugly workstation of mine.
I also eat my lunch on that very table,everyday.

26 January 2010

Gotta catch them all!!!

This is the rarest Pokemon of them all.

Yesterday i had a chance talking to my buddy,she tell me about her encounter with this little being.It was a frog that so thin,looks like a piece of paper!
I thought it was a papercraft like this-

Of course I ddnt believe that kind of frog exists.But she take the effort to Google for its picture.
And suprisingly,that 'paper frog' did exist!!
(warning-mature content)hahaha..

I'm freaking sure this dude can't jump!

But i did not get the name of this species.

For now i call it "Jonferog".
A tribute to my dear friend,Joner Blaque.

(I have a thing with this whole frog stuffs,
don't ask why I bother writing this entry.)

18 January 2010

The Little Guy

No new artwork.Just my adventurous little baby boy.
Notice the spoon?It's for digging valuable ancient stuffs or something.

08 January 2010

Let me see..

Nothing to see actually..haha..just posting for the sake of updating..

Ah,yes.There are people asking what is the main software i use to do all my works.
I used Manga Studio for sketching,inking and toning my comics.Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai for color rendering.

04 January 2010

Over Exaggerating Facial Expression

It is not an easy task to Over Exaggerating facial.You can see a lot Over Exaggerating on facial expression in Japanese gag manga.For someone to do this requires a lot of research.For my Project BB, i'm am trying to achive this skill.I think i will master this skill in 2-3 year..deym.

01 January 2010

Last post for the New Year 2009

Few hours to 2010.Celebrating my new year in my room,doing comic pages.
Listening to Jacko songs.