30 May 2008

Doodles of Garuda

Garuda(wiki) is very popular ancient God in Asia..My friend,Ai was sketching this creature yesterday and just like to draw one myself..maybe i'l finish this one later next week..hmm..this week i've been buzy at home..doing my freelance job,the children book,which is already past due..damn..

29 May 2008

Superman Mini Inking Video..

..and this time its in fast motion brother!

check out this video friends..i like it in fast motion..the real time is about 30mins but i made it fast to fit on youtube.

Superman Mini Inked!

Yep,I finished this this morning..next step is the colouring part..maybe tonight or the next morning..But if u are interested on how i made this inking,wait for the video..I'm converting the video right now..And please drop some comment if you like it!Adios!!

28 May 2008

Superman mini sketch screencast

Uploaded on Youtube.My 1st screencast testing..This the 1 part of 2..

And the 2nd part of the screencast..testing screencast seems to be going pretty well,tonight i will do the inking for this superman..see ya again!

Superman mini

Sketches i made last night.For your infomation,i'm using the software 'Manga Studio 3 EX' for all my artline works.And mayb then i coloured it with Photoshop..The reason i made this out is just i'm trying to make a screencast for this blog..wait awhile as i am uploading this superman screencast..