07 October 2008

For the Love Of God!!!Where the heck have i been???

My God,where have i'v been?Dunno la..maybe i was really busy with my personal life that i dont wanna share here.(but whats the point of blogging if i dun wanna share??huh?)
Ah,who cares anyway,its not that my blog got 1o ooo hits per day..hahaha..(silly me..)

Thanks for some people who cares(pergh.com members) and ask why i ddnt update this blog..i will try to update as frequent as possible..U guys rocks our local comic/illustrations scene!!!Support Malaysian!!!!

This few weeks i've been looking at somes T-shirts webs such as Threadless and Designbyhumans..i think there is a chance we can take there.some of our fellow Malaysian had their work printed on tee and made some big money..i wonder if i can do some designs and submits there..will try do some tests..

Hmmmmm...Also I wanna take advantage of this festive season (Aidilfitri) to say sorry for what i've been for u guys..espeacially people who knows me personally..Sorry for the practical jokes or my bad verbal jokes i've said and done..nothing personal ok..really la,i'm a good guy..haha..

Last but not least,fyi,it has been a week after my first child is born..so i'm officially a papa now..Only God knows how happy i am after he is born..Papa and mama loves you Boboy..

Have a look at some of my jobs and my sons cute face..chow!

Monsters of the Dark..


Robot Wars Storyboard WIP..

Dino Dress up Game

A Guy who looks like a chump..


Looks kinda angry guy.

Chefs bad dream..

Eagle head

My boy!!!! Afiq Farhan..


azhar said...

cayalah..Froggy is back!

nice to see you have become a father...welcome to parenthood..welcome to d club...

tanggungjawab dan amanah besar tuh..

that's d spirit..keep on drawing! keep on blogging ..show the world Malaysia have all the best illustrators here..

really like yer inking...
clean & smart


comei anak ko..ni muka ikut mama ker papanyer

froggypapa said...

ya..bung azhar..gua mmg sentiasa terus melukis dan memartabatkan bangsa kita!!dan en.rabun,sudah tentu la dia ikut muka aku yg hensem ala2 brek pad..eh silap..brat pitt..heheh

fandi said...

yosh.. becoming more productive than ever!

froggypapa said...


meo188 said...

herm, suke tgk nko punye artwork

Katon Aqhari said...

artworks ko besh2 belaka...
afiq farhan??nama anak aku afiq gak....muhammad afiq aqhari...hew hew hew
kipidap bro