06 July 2008

Its Already the 2 Half of the Year.

Woah!It's been nearly a month after i post in here..hehe..i've been pretty busy wit my jobs..thank God,finally it has been done..now i can relax a bit..
I just make my life much more connected to the world by getting myself a Broadband connection!Yes,now i can do my job transfers right at home(before this i was using my office connection),after i finish it.And hopefully i can manage my time between working hours at home and surfing webs at home!because this damn this new broadband connection is addictive!!I havent draw anythng for at least 3-4 days at home actually..argh..
Well..i thought i should post some of my new artworks since last month..hahha..


Anonymous said...

dengan memasuki battle, semakin bertambah la material blog ko!

froggypapa said...

Iye betull..err,wlu siapapun anda...hehehehe..

meo188 said...

bestlah bleh cari makan dgn buat hobi kegemaran. Wah-la-weh!

azhar said...

mana artwrk baru?

apsal tak update?