03 September 2009

Everyday is a holiday.

Garo-chan always dream of flying.But he always end up stucked in his room,playing video games.
But he will keep on dreaming.


Fariz said...

Wah.. u speak english all the time here aaa? So powerfull like hell la u.. huhuhu..

froggypapa said...

The sconzefertrans for classfiedconders fretsketcinations blisfidbreakdew ninds copper xclans.
See,my english is so very the high level maa,you wouldn't understand.

Fariz said...

wah.. xplicit wordin' heh. U totally awesome mike! Sound shitting already around u all the way. Feck!! Then promote ur KEcoh fuckin english, let the world KEcoh with ur KEcoh stuff.

Ziela said...

I think m very familiar with this one.. i mean, the Garo Chan.. huhu..