12 July 2010

Hi.I haven't got much to brag about lately..

Screenshot of another 10 page comic in progress..
if you click on these images,you can see the first pic is dated in May,and the second one is dated on July.This only proves how slow i am.Darn it.


Safa Soib said...

uih! mcm marah belanda kalah je... hehehe

bem69 said...

awat jauh benar tu... busy ka?

Sham said...


nak tanya en froggy, pakai brush ke pen tool dlm manga studio ni? line cantik...

froggypapa said...

Salam sham.
Aku pakai pen tool(G-pen) dlm MS ni.
Pakai Maru pun ok gak.Brush dlm MS mmg tak berapa sesuai buat inking,at least bg aku la.
Btw,thanks for hopping by.