27 December 2009

Celcom And Maxis user,enjoy my MMS comics!

Yup,Celcom has already launch my MMS comic since about 2 weeks ago.(from this post date)
Now I have 2 comic for you to select to be delivered to your handphone weekly!

After Lawak Kecoh,which is has been the hottest hits among others MMS comics.Thank you for all subscribers!
And now i am so happy to announce my next MMS comics,which is i made it as a series.Its entitled 'Teeka dan Tacky'. (teka-teki?)

I've also made an example comic for the promotion of this comic.You can read it for free!


To Subscribe send
ON TT to 28444
(for Celcom user only at this moment)

As for Lawak KEcoh,both Maxis and Celcom user can enjoy this MMS.Here is the preview sample i've made for you guys for free!


To Subscribe send
ON KECOH to 28444 (celcom users)
ON LK to 23238 (maxis users)]

send SS to 23268 (Maxis)
send MSS to 2000 (DiGi)

As for now,only Maxis and DiGi user can subscribe this comic.But in a short while,Celcom users can follow this comic too.. ^_^
Here's a screenshot of the comics,but i've pull out the dialogues.(hehe)

Nice is it?well,what are you waiting for guys??!!

And by the way,LAWAK KECOH -Indonesian version is already online for subscription.

Just send NLK to 2000
exclusively for DiGi customer only.

TQ all for your support!!
(note - this entry is regularly updated,ignore any insignificant information)


Fariz said...
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Fariz said...

patut aa naik mendadak, ko mempersetankan promosi hebak di sini.. uhhuhu

froggypapa said...

kena la promote dah gunakan segala sumber yg ada.wakakaka!!

froggypapa said...

DiGi pun sudah masuk ini gambar!