09 August 2009

I am unemployed.

Yep,i am jobless dude.
But honestly,this is somewhat refreshing.I got no attachment to any employer anymore.
At least i dont have to think about making it in time every morning to "punch card".lol.

Even so,i need to make a living.For now,its a struggle.
Only got few jobs in hand,and some potential jobs to discover.

Lu,bodo.(means 'you,fool')

Holla,new world!



long time no see aaaaa...

froggypapa said...

mana kita penah jumpa pun..??

fandi said...

hoh, honeymoon tapi soru mesti dapat jua.. berusahalah! u can do it papa!

ps: aku baru tahu nih. tule selalu tak update blog.

kacak said...

steady la froo!!
aku kagum dgn kau yg berani buat keputusan camtu! daredevil laa koa!

*consider kalau nak jadi dealer gambir swk, contact akoo.